Monday, October 21, 2013

Long Time, No Blog!

Okay, I've definitely been M.I.A. on the ol' blog.  My desktop, which is the computer that I mainly use, is still down.  I guess I'm just gonna have to get over it 'cause it may be down for a while.  I was going to try and wait it out, but I haven't blogged in far too long.  The desktop PC is the one I put ALL of my pictures onto and edits, etc.  Very annoying, but life must go on.

I'll get back into the swing of things with a quick fix that I did recently!

So here's the thing; when I come up with a solution to something around the house, it's more often a super cheap quick fix that works for now.  Then later on down the line when I'm looking for something to focus on, I can direct my attention back to it and come up with a more functional or appealing, long-term solution.

The benefit to this is that it gets taken care of for the time being, buying me more time to think of a permanent solution and not rushing into spending my cash money on something that I'm going to hate in two days.

For me, the best part of this strategy is that I normally come up with a great idea when I'm not trying so hard.  The more I over think a project, the more jumbled and rushed it turns out.

Take my jewelry storage for example.  I wanted to store my necklaces in a way that also put them on display.  I grabbed this random tie/belt hanger that I had laying around my room and hung it on my bedroom wall with a couple of push pins.  Yup.  Didn't even use nails.  That was a super temporary solution that was easily forgotten.  For 5 years.

Then, as fate would have it, I was forced to come up with something better last week when I found that FINALLY my necklaces had come crashing to the floor in a tangled mess. I really could've gotten around to that one a bit sooner, but I am a procrastinator.  Bless those push pins' little hearts for hanging in there for so long!

Luckily I do a lot of research on this sort of thing in my spare time...


I knew I wanted to display my necklaces in a way that wasn't expected and would pass more as decor than storage.  I remembered seeing some cool images of necklaces hanging from branches or animal skulls and such.

Pretty damn neat, but maybe a little...rustic for my taste.  Though I did have the perfect thing in mind.  Shiny faux taxidermy that I had eyed at TJ Maxx and couldn't wait to get my hands on anyway.  Perfect excuse!  But at only $12.99 I didn't really need an excuse.  I love cheap fixes.

So my jewelry area went from this:

To this:

My wall color looks weird and greeny in this last photo.  The top 2 are more true to the actual color.  I need to work on my photography skills, but super fun huh??  I screwed it in with an anchor and everything so I shouldn't have to worry about picking my necklaces up off the floor any time soon.

Sometimes it just takes a little (or a lot of) time before you settle on what works for you.  Your perfect nest doesn't happen overnight!  Baby steps, baby steps...

What do you guys do in these situations??  Are you the type that has to sit on a project for a while and get to the finished result in multiple stages?  Or do you have to get it done exactly the way you want it the first time around?

Thanks for lookin'!

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