Wednesday, June 11, 2014

I Painted My Dining Room Black...

It was a fairly bold move, but I had a feeling...and now I'm positive it was the right move.  I went with Sherwin William's 'Black Magic' in a flat base.

It's safe to say I'm in love.  My only worry was that it would make the room look smaller than it already is, even with all the natural light that pours in from the triple windows.  On the contrary, it actually seems bigger now!  :D

SO I probably took way more pictures than necessary, but I'm entirely happy with this room right now.  Feast your eyes.

This is the current view from the kitchen, but I can assure you that dreadful blue in the living room is the next thing to go.  That was a panic choice and, to be honest, I disliked it from the moment I finished painting it on.  :/

I LOVE how the new black walls make my china cabinet stand out like the beauty that it is.

These velvety mustard pillows really add the ambience that Claudio's dining spot was lacking, right?  They were scored for $2 while garage sale-ing it up during Shepherd's Maple Syrup Festival.  Prime time, baby.  I got so many wonderful and cheap (wonderfully cheap) goodies for my house.

I must say, things are not looking too far off from my original mood board.  I call that success.

While my blog actually has my attention I must make an announcement of sorts.  I've had some life altering stuff going on lately and needless to say, my focus has been on anything but this blog and house dealings.

I thank everyone who wastes their time coming to check out my blabberings!  You clearly have nothing better to do and for that I am grateful.  ;)

Seriously though, that's awesome that you give me the time of day and I appreciate it.  My posts will be infrequent and not very wordy from here on out, but I will be here!

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