Monday, September 9, 2013

Once again, I need your help!

I have been taking my time and ever so patiently keeping my eyes open for the perfect mirror (or a mirror with perfect potential) to fill the empty space on the back wall of the front entry.

I wanted something large and decorative.  I had in mind something along these lines.  However the funny thing about plans is, say it with me everybody, they change!

I happened upon this sweet find at my local Restore.  Ya know what that little green sticker says?  $12!  Yup, pretty cool.  The only problem is I'm not sure what color to paint it.  I definitely want it to stand out.  There isn't a whole lot of color in this area yet.

I kind of had a nice dark blue in mind.  More navy?  More teal?  I can't decide!  Here are a few samples that I have my eye on...

Which do you like the best?  What color do you think would look the greatest with my persimmon ceiling??

And if you don't prefer any of them, give me your suggestion!  I love getting feedback from you guys!

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  1. Bettski, I really like #1 a lot. Mom says #1 as well.
    I don't know how to post my comment on this so it says anonymous, but it's meeeeeeeeee rach.

    1. In the "Comment As" drop down menu just under the comment box, select "Name/URL." A box will pop up. Just put in your name and hit enter!

      Betty Explains It All.

  2. I like #4 it goes with the bottle you have there

  3. I think I'm the one person who loves #6!

    1. I think you're right! Haha. I love how subtle #6 is. Still haven't come to a final decision though, but soon...


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