Monday, September 23, 2013

Time to slow my roll.

I have been on all systems go lately.  Churning out ideas and projects.  Letting the excitement of completing them get to me before I have a chance to properly take notes, take pics, and blog.  I need to be stopped.  I'm like an out of control DIY monster, wreaking havoc on my house (and poor Shaun.)  

I'm not kidding, guys, there are power tools everywhere.  Pages torn out of HGTV magazines and paint swatches cover every table top.  Disconnected notes and ideas hurriedly scrawled onto chalkboard-painted surfaces in every room.  The madness.

I've decided that more organization is what I need; in my mind as well as my home.  So to balance out my "take action" side with a little thought, I'm going to start compiling a list of changes I'd like to make in each room of my house.  This will be my "To Do" list that I can continually update to keep track of my progress and organize my thoughts and ideas in one spot.

Let's start with my all time favorite room, The Kitchen:

  • Switch out the basic light fixtures for something more exciting.  An interesting pendant above the sink such as this or this?  Possibly track lighting for the other two fixtures?
  • Add under-cabinet lighting.
  • Add moulding to tops and bottoms of upper cabinets.
  • Put up small, dark-stained wood shelf just under cabinets that runs the length of them.  This will be a catch-all for little things that clutter up the counter top such as my mortar & pestle or spices, etc.
  • Re-paint all cabinets tuxedo style.  Lower cabinets in a dark gray and uppers in a coordinating white.  Also add some bangin' new brass hardware such as these, these, or these.
  • Replace counter top. I am so loving the look of concrete counter tops, but am not yet convinced on how food safe they are or how well they stand up to everyday kitchen use. I also love the look of dark wood. Maybe a good option would be the Ikea PRÄGEL laminate counter top in "Walnut." I don't think I would mind going "wood-look" considering I probably wouldn't use a real wood counter as a giant cutting board anyhow.  And for that price..? Come on now.
  • It's not a huge thing for me, but if I get to this point I'd like to replace the sink with a sexy apron front.
  • I'll add kick plates underneath all of the lower cabinets.  They are only half there for some reason.
  • New stove and refrigerator.  Also relocate them.  I want the stove where the fridge is at now and the fridge where the microwave cart sits.  Then I'd like to add a dishwasher and more counter space where the stove is now.  Got it?
  • Update that flooring!  Not sure what direction I want to take the floor in yet.  I would fancy something different than wood since I have great wood floors in the rest of the house.  Maybe a nice tile or stone.
  • Paint the basement door a glossy black to match the doors upstairs.
  • Add a little kitty door onto the basement door so that Claudio has access to his bathroom, but I can still keep that door shut.

Dining Room:

  • Add much needed splashes of color via decorative pillows for the church pew.
  • Re-upholster the nasty 70s-ish fabric on the dining chairs.
  • I've always thought about doing something to my dining table to make it really stand out, but still easily go with the flow if/when I decide to switch things up in here.  Painting the chairs/table legs white, but leaving the table top wood is something I've always thought about.  And will continue to think about some more!
  • Add moulding around the middle of the room for decorative shelving sort of like this.
  • Add window treatments.  Right now I'm thinking I would just like some white wood blinds.
  • Paint the inside of the window frames in glossy black.  I want to do this in all rooms.  It may be one of my favorite trends right now.  Here's the jist.
  • Paint the ceiling.  It just is really dingy looking to me and I think it needs a refresher.
  • Add dimming light switches.  I would like to do this in pretty much every room.  Call me a control freak, but I love having absolute control over my lighting.

Home Office/Craft Room:

  • Re-paint in a lighter, more neutral color.  I want to add things that pop, not walls.
  • ORGANIZE.  Organize desk, organize craft stuff, organize closet.  No exceptions.
  • Paint the inside of the computer armoire so I don't feel like I'm working in a dark cave anymore and have to deal with it by drinking more wine.
  • Go through my junk and whatever I don't need/use GET RID OF IT.
  • I'd like to come up with a better crafting table as well.  Something slim, but wide and a little taller.  I could have a stool to sit at it or tuck under it when not in use.
  • This room could use a neat rug as well.  Something playful and colorful.
  • Do something about that boob light.
  • Fancify the drop ceiling.  I have gone between painting it, covering it with wallpaper or fabric, replacing the tiles with decorative ones, re-doing it to look more like a coffered ceiling...  I think I have come up with a neat solution that I want to try very soon!  Pattern.  Subtle.  I want to try the roll-on wallpaper in a metallic gold or champagne color on the white background.
  • Add a gallery wall.
  • Add shelving.  I would love to have shelves all over that back wall and maybe a bench under the window for reading?
  • Add white wood blinds.  I hate those stupid, crappy blinds that are in there now.  I don't feel the need to add a curtain of any sorts because the window is smaller and right next to it is the closet door, which is covered by a metallic gold curtain that I really am partial to.

First Floor Bathroom:

  • Re-paint in a light and fresh color.  I need to brighten the place up and make it appear bigger.  It is quite a small bathroom.  I also love that coppery mirror and want a color that will make that a focal point.  Right now it really blends into the wall color.
  • Find a cute shower curtain.
  • Re-paint cabinet and vanity in a glossy black.
  • Add some artwork.

Living Room:

  • Re-paint in a lighter color.
  • Paint the insides of the window frames glossy black.
  • Spray paint curtain rods to match.
  • Move curtain rods up higher and wider to make the windows look bigger.
  • Finish trim on built in corner bookshelf.
  • Build a long skinny console table, such as this, to sit behind the couch.  This will add some space for setting things back there plus keep the couch from sliding around and banging into the wall.

Front Entry:

  • Add a runner to the floor in here.
  • Hang a large decorative mirror on the back wall.
  • Paint inside the window frame a glossy black.
  • Add some kind of stained glass piece to block the view of the window while still letting in plenty of light.
  • Take down the solid door to the living room and add a french door so that light pours into the living room even when it's shut.
  • The front door.  I could re-paint this one in a fun color or I have the original door that I could re-finish.  It's solid wood with a full glass window.
  • New hardware the the front door.  Something chunkier and possibly a bit extravagant?  Something like this?
  • Hang lantern on the high ceiling above the stairway.
  • Add a colorful runner to the upstairs hallway.
  • Put together a family photo arrangement going up the stairway.

Second Floor Bathroom:

  • Find a better solution for storage of towels, toiletries, etc.
  • Add art.
  • Take out that vinyl flooring and add something new eventually.  Tiles?

Master Bedroom:

  • Find a solution to the closet debacle once and for all.  We have one very tiny closet.  To share.  It's terrible.  My main priority in this house in coming up with new and creative ways to store things.
  • Needs more art on the walls.
  • New light fixture.  Something dramatic and glamorous!  Hm..?
  • Add some floating shelves.  Maybe surround the tv?
  • Paint the inside of the window frames black.

Guest Bedroom:

This is a "before" picture of what will be the guest room eventually.  As of right now, we have a friend living with us and I give him free reign of the decor.  For the record.  :)

  • Paint the walls.
  • Buy/make a day bed.
  • Acquire/re-furbish appropriate furniture pieces to complete the room.  Nightstand, dresser, window treatments.
  • Add art.  Decorate!
  • Find a cozy rug.

Basement/Laundry Area:

  • Clean entire basement.  Throw out any random unnecessary junk.  I know there's some down there!
  • Re-do the basement stairs.  In the long run we would like to totally revamp the stairs to the basement.  They can be quite treacherous.  Until then I'd be happy just to give them a new paint job.  Just black.  Perhaps add a handrail for safety purposes. 
  • Finish the floor off with a nice epoxy coating or floor/concrete paint.  I think the epoxy coating made for garage floors and what-not would help even it out.  I would like a glossy black.
  • I can't decide between finishing off the ceiling with some beadboard, or painting it all black (out of sight, out of mind?)
  • Add some recessed lighting.
  • Paint the walls in FUN COLORS.  I would like the bigger portion of the basement to be more like a den.  Comfy couch and possibly a projector situation?
  • Add storage shelves as sort of a make-shift pantry.
  • Add tool storage.

Yup, that's all!  It's not too much, right?  It'll keep me busy for a while, I'm sure.  And I'll be forever adding to this list.

What do you do to keep yourself organized and on task?  I'd love to hear from any readers who have tips, tricks, or suggestions for staying on track!  I'm not always the best at it.

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