Saturday, January 11, 2014

I'm baaaaaack!

I was a very irresponsible blogger and dropped off the face of the Earth for a while with no explanation.  Life, happens.

I'm not a person who deals with stress like a champion and the holidays were more busy than ever for me.  I run on a very one track mind and am not skilled when it comes to juggling so a lot of things in my life tend to drop off and go to the wayside when another, seemingly higher priority, task is at hand.  I tend to get pretty easily overwhelmed.  Add that to my personal list of things to work on.

I do enjoy keeping my blog and I vow to do betta!  I've found that baby steps work best for me when it comes to self-improvement.  When I left my blog the idea behind it was more crafty, DIY, home decorating.  After some soul searching (a.k.a. constant socializing, holiday over-eating, and New Years resolution-ing) I've decided to take things in a slightly different direction.  Still DIY, but more than just home improvement.  'Cause really, doing it yourself can apply to many aspects of your life.  I'm into DIY-ing my home as well as my food, household and beauty products, and everything in between.  This is now me sharing a more natural progression towards a healthy, happy, and more sustainable life.

So, file this post under 'feelings...'

Thanks for sticking with me and here's to a new year!  :)

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