Monday, March 17, 2014

Goodbye Dear Friend; Hello Sweet Guest Room

A good friend of ours and roommate has recently moved on to bigger and better things.  Therefore, I now have a completely empty room in my house.

This is pretty much unheard of.

I'm so very pumped to finally start creating the guest room haven that I have always dreamed of having to offer!  So many years worth of Pins to implement...

The bookshelf will not be staying, nor will the lava lamp.  Sorry, dudes.

I definitely have a vision for this baby.  The first thing I did was start pulling various items from other spaces of my house that I know I can use in here.  I have so many things.  Some might say too many things (my husband.)  If I can de-clutter other spaces and reuse what I have before grabbing new stuff, that is the way to go!

The first thing I wanted to add was this lovely little mustard chair that's been floating between the living and dining area, waiting for a purpose.  I scored this for $20 at the Salvation Army!  So worth it.  The fabric is in pretty great shape and surprisingly clean.

I originally grabbed it thinking it would be the perfect candidate to try my hand at painting upholstery, but then it grew on me as-is.

The artwork will go up on one of these walls.  I love the contrast that they bring to the area.  The full moon art is something I diy'ed from a $0.60 scrapbook page and a $1 secondhand framed print.  I just took out the old art and painted the frame black, also painting the mattes with some white spray paint.

The bamboo magazine holder was also a super cheap thrift find.

Since I'll probably end up keeping some of my closet's overflow in this room's, I decided to throw in this wire dress form with my favorite red cape for an interesting pop of color.

I want to build a sectional-style daybed for the corner to the right of this window.  Using a couple twin mattresses as the seat and a simple frame so that extra seating during the day can easily transform into two beds (or one bigger bed) at night.

The old wooden Budweiser crate, long ago stolen from my dad's collection of odds and ends, can be used for storage and double as a side table.  Extra linens or blankets possibly?  I'd really like to add some casters to it also.

I want to have an empty dresser available for clothes storage and this one really fits the bill.  I love the purple-ish gray with the mustard color of the chair too.  Really thinking about some different pulls for it, but I don't have anything particular in mind.

I'd love some kind of contraption on the wall above the dresser as a quick catchall for jewelry and other little goodies.

The mirror is a really old (broken) cheapy from Wal-Mart.  I'm thinking about taking off the rest of the blue trim and trimming it out in something a bit more substantial.  Paint it a nice blush color and mount it on the wall.

Also placed in here my little basket of sample goodies.  I've got everything from shampoo to facial moisturizer!  Such a pack rat...

And obviously I made a little mood board...

I can't wait to keep working on this idea and add to it little by little!  I'm obsessing over that cow pattern rug.  Gotta have it!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. I love the way you're pulling together these thrifty finds into a lovely guest room! Like I mentioned on Instagram, I'm so loving that yellow chair! I can't wait to see the sectional bed you're envisioning - it sounds awesome!


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