Monday, February 24, 2014

Trash to Treasure

Isn't this a gorgeous little box shelf??

You wouldn't believe that it started out as a banged up drawer to some long-forgotten, unknown piece of furniture.

Oh, and that it has been sitting on the dining room floor shoved under the pew collecting animal hair and bags of old silverware.

What?  You would believe that?  Okay, I see we're getting to know eachother...

This 'before' picture was taken after I had emptied and already cleaned it up a bit.  You're welcome.

I started out using my Restor-a-Finish on the bottom of the drawer only to add some moisture and bring out that beautiful wood grain.  You can already see the difference there in the picture below.

Then I painted everything else (skipping the backside since nobody will see it on the wall) with two coats of black acrylic paint.  You can use whatever paint suits you.  I had several half empty bottles that I mixed together to use up.

Then came the real fun when I got to use one of my fun Christmas presents (thanks, Mill!) Martha Stewart's metallic trim in gold.  I just super glued it around the bottom of the shelf.  Then I went over the whole thing with a bit of furniture wax.  It shouldn't get handled much being attached to the wall and everything.  It's been up for a couple months and is still lookin' good!

I love how it turned out.  It fits in so well on this wall and I love how it mimics the look of Shaun's guitar.  I had no plans in mind for where I was going to put this when I started sprucing it up; I was just kind of on autopilot.

Honestly, I was just trying to procrastinate instead of cleaning the house.  I wasn't expecting much and I had no direction in mind, just started painting!

Have you ever started creating before you even knew what you wanted the outcome to be?  Maybe I should try this method more often!

Thanks for stopping by!

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