Monday, February 17, 2014

Visualizing My Dining Room in a New Hue

No project here today!  Although I'm working on a few different ones as we speak...

Just a little friendly chit chat.  I'm getting that painting itch again and I need somebody to confide in and well, let's face it, my blog has nowhere to hide.

And any how Shaun doesn't wanna hear it.  He prefers it when I just work my magic on the house while he's at work.  He wants no part of my DIY and crafting!  Unless I start decoupaging space ships or something.

It's quite a bold move, but I'm dreaming of a fresh coat of black paint in my dining room.

A bold color choice like this is not something I take lightly, as it could go very wrong.  Like in a my-high-school-bedroom, red walls/black ceiling sort of way.  Which was cool in high school, but a little too bold for 26 year-old Betty.  I'm looking for something a bit more sophisticated these days.  Something lacking in the band poster department.  I wanted to take this color for a little test drive even before picking up any test pots.
Enter: Sherwin-Williams Paint Color Visualizer.

They have a few cool color tools and this was my first attempt at using one.  Fun and easy to use (and no they aren't paying me to say that.)  I'm a sucker for 'before and afters.'

My dining room now:

This is a fairly recent picture of my dining room.  You get the idea.  It's currently painted in Behr's "Silver Screen," but I'm growing tired of the dull gray color.  I love my beautiful wood furniture and I just don't think it's very complimentary.

Now try this on for size:

My beautiful heirlooms seem to pop right off the wall now.  They look so much richer with the dark backdrop and my well-loved wood floor is beautiful again!  The color is "Black Magic" and I'm totally sold on it.  I think that, being a cool-toned neutral, it compliments the orange tone of my wood pieces perfectly.

On a side note, isn't my ceiling looking a bit dingy?  I think a fresh coat of soft white paint is past due.  Add that to the list.  As well as finding a new rug.  I'd love something more graphic.  Hell, why not just make a quick mood board?!

Doesn't it just all look so magical...?  I'm forever obsessing over the gold flatware.

This is my ideal endpoint for what I want my dining room to be.  Already have the Kina Lillet, wood-mounted wall hooks, brass task lamp to replace the oversized lamp on the piano, and the chandelier.  (Haven't shared that one with you yet, but I promise I'll post it soon!  I re-wired and painted a thrifted chandelier similar to the one pictured.)

I still need to add in some comfy pillows or cushions to my church pew and some more art.  I really like this "Hello Darling" print from Sugar Paper.  $50 for a small print is a little rich for my blood, but a DIY version may be in order.

Need to do some brainstorming about what to hang where those tired coconut baskets are.  They've gotta go.  I was thinking something earthy like a hanging terrarium..?

I'm finding this dining room more and more impossible to resist, so as soon as I find a spare day...

Thanks for reading!

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